Who We Are

Led by partners, Cisco and La Trobe University, the Centre is a pioneering catalyst for digital transformation across various industries. At Innovation Central Melbourne, we foster a collaborative ecosystem that brings together student talents, university researchers, and industry professionals, including Cisco engineeers and experts in design, strategy and innovation. This convergence of diverse minds cultivates an environment of creativity and innovation, where ideas flourish and breakthrough solutions are born.

Innovation Central Melbourne offers its members a unique opportunity to brainstorm, prototype, test, and deploy innovative use cases for the latest technologies, with a particular focus on enhancing the user experience. Members and collaborators can leverage the Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to to create disruptive solutions. Additionally, the Centre regularly hosts workshops, seminars, and networking events to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among its members.


What we will do:

  • Connect you with technology solutions, subject-matter experts, research expertise and intellectual property to deliver bold solutions that disrupt and progress industries.
  • Work with you to create bespoke teams of experts needed to solve your business challenges.
  • Collaborate with you to understand how to best utilise technology and research to achieve efficiencies or create new and innovative opportunities.

Access & Resources

Our world-class facilities give collaborators access to everything they need to identify, test, analyse, and deploy innovative technology solutions.

Global Network

  • We are part of a global innovation network that helps to find digitally innovative solutions to real business problems.
  • ICM is one of 12 global Co-innovation Centres and Cisco Innovation Labs.

Bold Thinking

  • At ICM, we are confident in our ability to disrupt the industry and co-create digitally innovative solutions.
  • We support and practice the development of original and inventive solutions.

National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN)

  • We are part of an innovation ecosystem that takes problems and turns them into solutions that support business sustainability.
  • Our unique and efficient service provides a collaborative environment to connect people, co-develop ideas and facilitate innovation.
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