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The Innovation Central Melbourne (Digital Innovation Hub) is part of La Trobe University’s Research and Innovation Precinct (R&I Precinct). The R&I Precinct is central to La Trobe’s $5 billion University City of the Future strategy.

Our Internship Program

The ICM internship program will run year-round and is for students and recent graduates of La Trobe University within the fields of Digital Health, Data Science, Engineering, computer Science and AgTech. Interns will be engaged on a fixed term basis up to a maximum of​ 12 months (for academic credit where applicable). The incumbents will report to a designated line manager but may also be supervised on a day to day basis by an assigned industry-partner staff member within the functional group in which they are working/assigned. All internship opportunities are paid.

Past Projects

Healthcare Augmented Reality
Explore how augmented reality can be used in healthcare and build a​ functional prototype to demonstrate an augment consultation with a GP and a patient at home work.
Secure Remote Tours
On a remote agriculture site, install cameras and other devices that allow for people on site to provide a remote tour and for people off site to monitor the physical site as well as data from sensors on-site. Build a web interface to allow remote monitoring and live remote tours.
Digital Health Technology
Build a community of practice systems that allows academics and industry to effectively communicate, interact and learn in an online environment (Cisco Webex). Create a library of literature relevant to digital literacy in healthcare and process modelling for healthcare improvement.
Space Analytics (Cisco Spaces)
Build a data driven dashboard using data from the Cisco Spaces platform using Wifi data, camera analytics and data from sensor networks.

What Are We Looking For

Completion of, or progress towards, a relevant degree.​
Basic Knowledge, experience and skills
Demonstrated commitment to, and record of achievement in, program of studies.
Demonstrated effective written communication skills with the ability to construct documentation which is clear and concise.​
Demonstrated verbal communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with others in a team and to liaise with a broad range of stakeholders.​
Demonstrated conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to undertake research and analysis tasks.​
Demonstrated computer literacy with the ability to use a variety of software packages.
To be determined individually with each candidate.
Specific Interests or Skills
Data science, data analytics, Digital Health, Engineering, Computer Science, Agtech​
Visualisation – including AR and VR​
C++ or C# programming​
R, Python programming​
Power Bi
Web designer​
Network engineer​
Web developer (full stack programmer)​
Graphic Design​
Audio and video production

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